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Strangely enough, while I was working on the two KISS publications, I was also editing and publishing the Official Ace Frehley Magazine (which Peter Criss was nice enough to be a part of). The trick was, like they said in Ghostbusters, “Don't cross the streams.” It was interesting working with all four original members at the same time, yet separately. I also produced numerous pieces of merchandise for Ace, including enamel pins and shirts.

Beyond Fantasm, I'm also the Art Director for Full Moon's Delirium magazine. I've designed every issue since #32. I also write and have produced covers for the mag as well.

Additionally, I've written for magazines like Fangoria, GoreZone and Scream, as well as supplied interior art, centerfolds and covers. I've also worked at Heavy Metal as an Art Director and for numerous film companies such as Full Moon Features, Severin Films, Re-Animator Productions and Malibu Bay Films, designing everything from logos to packaging for some great genre films.


In the 3D world, I've created movie tie-in toys, animation for television programs and commercials and sculpted lots of monsters! I currently spend most of my time working in Zbrush.


Outside of art, photography and writing, I also had a radio talk show for two years with guests from all over the entertainment spectrum. Cast members of The Walking Dead, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and musicians from bands like KISS, Danzig, Ratt and The Dead Milkmen, to name a few, were guests on my show. From there, I started not only being a guest at conventions, but also moderating panels at shows all over the United States.


So, If you need art or design for your next project, or photography, words, or even a comic or film convention guest or interviewer, (wow, that's a lot) I know a guy!

Give me a shout here!


- B

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I know these about things are usually written in the third person, but let's be honest, we all know the person wrote it themselves or told someone who can punctuate correctly what to write. So, with that nonsense out of the way...


I'm currently the co-publisher at Fantasm Media. We produce actual paper magazines featuring the best in horror and exploitation films and rock music. I also act as Editor-In-Chief and Art Director. We have published official publications with KISS, Ace Frehley, George A. Romero, Linnea Quigley and Image Ten (Night of the Living Dead), to name a few.

For The Official KISS Poster Book series, I worked directly with Gene Simmons, who personally oversaw the creation of each issue. I took all of the live photos, designed the books, created the illustrations and even wrote the lion's share of the content. During this time, I also designed two Official KISS Card Sets that featured my photography and were released with the books. Beyond The Official KISS Poster Book, I was also the Editor-In-Chief of KISS: The Official Magazine. Although we no longer produce the magazine or poster books, I currently still work with KISS doing numerous projects: promo pieces, passes, guitar picks and even guitars for Paul Stanley.


Covers of all of the Official KISS Poster Books and Magazines I created while I was Editor-In-Chief of both publications.

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